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The Refectory wine tasting events

Here's something that I need to do one of these days. The Refectory on Bethel Road (right next to the swimming pool that I grew up going to) conducts wine tasting events from time to time. For example, tomorrow (April 3 from 6:30 - 9:30) they will host an event that will sample 9 wines from Melville and Brewer-Clifton (article). On tap are the following wines: 2006 Estate Melville Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills 2006 Melville Estate Viognier Santa Rita Hills 2006 Estate Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills 2004 Estate Syrah Donna's Vineyard Brewer-Clifton 2005 Sweeney Canyon Chardonnay 2006 Sea Smoke Chardonnay 2006 Rio Vista Pinot Noir 2006 Zotovich Pinot Noir 2006 Mount Carmel Pinot Noir Refectory Restaurant and Bistro 1092 Bethel Road Columbus, Ohio 43220 614-451-9774 [HT: CU]

Dublin Burgundy Room is CLOSED

Speaking of closings, did you know that the Dublin Burgundy Room has closed? Of course we weren't aware of this until after we pulled into the eerily empty parking lot and walked to the front door. WTF crossed our minds. The place always looked busy. My wife's been there and liked the food, and this would have been my first time. So I was really looking forward to dining there. Equally frustrating is the fact that we were going to use our Prestige Dining Club card to dine there. According to the PDC's website, the Dublin Burgundy Room closed on January 1. I wonder if the Burgundy Room in the Short North will honor the card? Guest CheckAnd finally, the PDC is a great thing to have. As seen in the Guest Check graphic to the left, you get one meal of equal or lesser value free. A client of mine gave this to me as a Christmas gift, and it's a nice incentive for us to check out restaurants that we probably would not have gone without the card.

Hey Mom, there’s a spider in your iced tea

I kid you not. This spider was as big as a quarter. It was dead. And it was in my wife's iced tea. And lucky for the restaurant, they comped her meal, gave us free desert and gave us $10 off our next meal. Otherwise, I might have said what restaurant it was in this post. Of course they could have comped my meal as well. But what they gave us was about $40 in comps. So I'm not complaining. Really, I have to compliment the management at this establishment. They acted quickly. And didn't try to make excuses. We'll definitely go back.

Otie’s Old Hilliard Inn & Pub is a great place to eat

So I wanted to go to the CU meetup last night, but got busy with the family. We were in Hilliard dropping off our clothes for the Paper Doll Children's Consignment sale, so afterwards we grabbed dinner at Otie's Old Hilliard Inn & Pub. And am I ever glad we did. The food was great and very affordable. I had the patty melt which came with fries. My wife had the texas toast grilled cheese, which also came with fries. And the fries are awesome. They remind me of the fries at In-N-Out Burgers. My kids each had the children's grilled cheese. Those came with fries and a side salad. My wife and I had the salads. The bill came to a whopping $22. A bit more than what we would pay at McDonalds, but with much better atmosphere. And much better food. We ate on Otie's front porch, which front's Old Hilliard's main road. Otie’s Old Hilliard Inn & Pub 5344 Center St Hilliard, OH 43026

Columbus needs a Jamba Juice or similar stand alone smoothie joint

Every time I head out to California, I make a point to get a smoothie from Jamba Juice. My personal favorite is the Mango-A-Go-Go. I recommend you try the place if you ever see one. They have shops in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. I'm really surprized that Columbus doesn't have one yet. It would be a nice change from the Starbucks and Cup O' Joes. (No offense to those places though). Easton would be a perfect location for a Jamba Juice. On the local scene, if you're in the mood for a good smoothie, Aladdin's Eatery serves up a mean one. Let me know if you know of other places to get a good smootie.

Unverified – James McGreevy Dines at Tucci’s

This is a totally unverified celebrity spotting in Dublin.  But my wife could have sworn she saw ex-New Jersey Governor James McGreevy dine at Tucci's Wood-fired Bistro in Dublin, Ohio last Thursday. Which brings up a question in my mind.  How in the heck would she recognize McGreevy anyways.  I don't think I would recognize Strickland if he stood in front of me at the grocery store. Any tips confirming my wife's suspicions would be appreciated.

Cincinnati field trip – second stop Myra's Dionysus

Myra’s Dionysus

In search of more food in the University of Cincinnati campus area, I stumbled upon Myra's Dionysus (not as hard as it looks to say).

Okay, I had to look and figure out who exactly Dionysus was. According to Wikipedia, Dionysus is the greek god of wine, representing the intoxicating power of wine but also its social and beneficial influences. The Romans referred to him as Bacchus. Myra (the owner) apparently did not name her restaurant, Dionysus, to suggest that wine is a significant part of the menu (I didn't notice any such offering at lunch). Rather, "I wanted to signal that it was a somewhat Greek restaurant but with other offerings from around the world."

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