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So what do former Dublin residents think about Dublin?

Here's a very favorable letter to the editor from a former Dublin resident now living in Utah. Judson moved to Utah from Dublin for various reasons, including "better employment and lower taxes." He wrote the letter in response to an article about the Utah legislator's plans to "privatize" city services. Here's what he said about Dublin:
Sure, Ohio had higher income and property taxes, and Dublin even had a 2 percent local income tax. But the city provided world-class services, all of which competed with, and were far superior to, any "private" business venture. These included thousands of acres of park space, hundreds of miles of pedestrian trails, a classy recreation center, and more karate, dance and swim classes than digits in Utah developer Al Mansell's bank account. Oh, and the best school system in the Midwest. Teachers never complained about being paid too little, and parents never worried about large class sizes.

Dublin Burgundy Room is CLOSED

Speaking of closings, did you know that the Dublin Burgundy Room has closed? Of course we weren't aware of this until after we pulled into the eerily empty parking lot and walked to the front door. WTF crossed our minds. The place always looked busy. My wife's been there and liked the food, and this would have been my first time. So I was really looking forward to dining there. Equally frustrating is the fact that we were going to use our Prestige Dining Club card to dine there. According to the PDC's website, the Dublin Burgundy Room closed on January 1. I wonder if the Burgundy Room in the Short North will honor the card? Guest CheckAnd finally, the PDC is a great thing to have. As seen in the Guest Check graphic to the left, you get one meal of equal or lesser value free. A client of mine gave this to me as a Christmas gift, and it's a nice incentive for us to check out restaurants that we probably would not have gone without the card.

Dublin Rec Center – Kindergarten Enrichment

My daughter started her first day of Kindergarten Enrichment at the Dublin Recreation Center this afternoon.  The class description: "Enjoy a full educational curriculum through hands-on creative activities. Themes revolve around math, science and pre-reading stations." (Program & Activities Brochure) I gotta tell you, the Dublin Rec Center really has some fantastic classes and activities for kids. The photo below is the area next to the arts center upstairs at the Rec Center. I post it as a reminder to myself that I should take the kids up there to take some pictures of them. It looks like a cool photo op place. Dublin Rec Center Hallway

Julie Hubler’s idea for Dublin city government

The other night, I went to a dinner hosted by Julie Hubler and the Asian American Commerce Group. Julie is running for Dublin City Council as a Republican and the dinner was a meet the Republican candidates dinner. Bill Todd was there. He spoke first, but left after his speech. Actually, it looked like he slinked out. [But to be fair, I was a little late and there may have been an announcement that he had to leave after his speech.] The other candidates included candidates for judge, Columbus City Council, Columbus City School Board, and the mayor of a Columbus suburb (please forgive me, but I forgot her name or which suburb she's from). For the most part, the general theme from the Columbus candidates was against one party rule. That is, they felt that there were not enough challenges to some of the decisions coming from the current Democratic rule. The last to speak was Julie. She had a pretty interesting idea for city governance. She proposed mandating that before Dublin proceeds with any major project that they place a poll on the web asking residents to give their opinion. You know, the idea sounds well intentioned. But I don't think it would work. First, I doubt that there would be much participation. Second, would the results truly be representative of what the people of Dublin really think? Third, do we really want mob rule? I mean, we elected these folks to represent us. If they're just going to base their decisions on what a poll says, then why elect them? Let's just put up a poll for every decision. Plus, sometimes there has to be some unpopular decisions made. Having a poll might lessen the chances that such hard decisions are made. Pity the politician that goes against the will of the people. But, I've got to hand it to Julie for putting forth the idea. If she gets elected and gets her idea implemented, I'll be the first to put forth my 2 cents.

TehKu Tea Company in Dublin to open 2nd location within the Dublin Rec Center

TehKu Tea Company, a tea shop in Old Dublin, will be opening its second location within the Dublin Recreation Center. TehKu Tea Co in Dublin Rec Center The shop is set to open September 10. I've been to the original location once. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. And the tea is awesome. Unfortunately, I just don't make it down to Old Dublin enough to go back. But, now that TehKu will be in the rec center, I'll be sure to sample more of their tea. Original Location: 55 South High Street Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin Recreation Center 5600 Post Road Dublin, OH 43017
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Corazón is one fantastic place

Boy, I sure wish I could afford to belong to the Corazón Club & Spa. I was there for a networking event hosted by the Columbus Young Professionals Club. And I gotta tell you, the place is class personified. It's like you left Columbus and flew to Tuscany. It's got a resort style pool, a white sand beach and vineyards. Plus the workout facility is world class. And I could spend all day in the locker room. If you get a chance, take a tour of the place. You'll be amazed.