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The 270 Resources Page

You might have notice the top navigation links above includes a resources page.  And when you click on the individual resources, you'll see a spare listing of resources.  That's because I'm in the process of building them.  I'm just one guy, so please give me a break. One of the resources that I'd like to build is a Home Based Business resource page. Why?  Because I know first hand how hard these businesses are to grow.   So, I thought I'd put up a page for those individuals in the Columbus area that are involved in the home based business field. If you want to be listed - for free - please contact me through my contact form.

Seagull Bags, the ultimate in edgy messenger bags

Man, I thought I was cool when I bought my timbuk 2 messenger bag. Now, I'm thinking it's so corporate.
Take a look at the offerings from Columbus based Seagull Bags. Now those are some cool m fing bags. Plus, you've just got to love their logo which is the state of Ohio with a stylized seagull. Brilliant! Who would have thought that the shape of Ohio could be so cool. (sorry, I think I just exceeded my cool limit) Make sure you check out the gallery.

Is it time to sex up the wallscapes?

Pardon the headline. But you know what they say: sex sells. Anyways, I'm a big fan of the Orange Barrel Media wallscapes in downtown Columbus. I don't know why someone didn't think of it earlier (maybe they did, but just couldn't execute the idea). OBM's wallscapes really give Columbus that big city feel. They grab your attention because they are big. And to date, they are creative enough to keep your attention. But some day, big might not be enough. Some day, an OBM client may just want to sex up the wallscapes to really grab some attention. Like this wallscape in Hong Kong: Sisley Ad (photo used with permission by flickr user roywkw) Okay. That probably won't happen. In the landmark Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy says that "advertising reflects the mores of society, but does not influence them." Somehow, I don't think that the type of overtly sexual advertisement above reflects Columbus' mores. Or have I judged Columbus too prudish. The Blitz has one billboard (that I know of) showing the ample chest of a woman in a white teacher t-shirt with the words "Pray for Rain." If I get the chance, I'll take a picture of it and post it here. Blitz Pray For Rain Ad (Photo of billboard used with permission from Flickr user Pinky Style; photographer of the billboard photo is Cool World Photography)

Leadership within reach – around the 270

There's an excellent book written by Chip Chapman called Leadership Within Reach that I pick up from time to time when I need inspiration. In it, Chip writes about the personal success stories from 88 Central Ohio leaders. Granted, some of the folks I'll never get to meet. I just don't run around in those circles. But you'll be surprised when you do read it, because there may be someone in there that you know. And you will be inspired. Because for the most part, these folks are real. They had real hurdles to overcome to be the success that they now are. And it inspires you. If they can do it, then so can you. So do yourself a favor. Buy the book. Oh, and the profits will go to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

Check out skreened

Dave's Beer calls bloggers shameless, self-promoting, insecure stat whores.  Tell me something new.  But really.  The purpose of his post was to highlight Columbus based skreened and promote his website on skreened t-shirts. Skreened is kind of like cafepress, but targets the indie crowd.  Skreened uses American Apparel clothing and prints your design on them.  They print the design with special water based ink using a refined Epson Inkjet printer.  They then heat press the garment to set the ink.