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Will pimp for free food

No, not that type of pimping. I'm talking about pimping restaurants on the270 if only I can convince some forward thinking restaurant to offer me free food to pimp their joint here. Oh, and they'll have to pay for food for my wife to so we can have a nice evening out. Why Alvin? Why risk your journalistic integrity for a few nights out? Well. Um. I'm not a journalist. I'm a blogger. And in this arena, I have no shame. And I also have a couple of kids and I can't afford to pay for food and a babysitter. So what's a little free food here and there. It's not like you'll be offended by my blatant schilling. It's not like I'm a real food blogger like the Fine Repast. (See! More schilling. Fine Repast is written by my friend Andy.) So get over it. And restaurants. Please please please contact me. Like I said. Give me and my wife free food. And I'll pimp ya. Also, as an extra bonus, you can put up the nifty "As Seen on the270" badge below. Idea inspired by Walker's restaurant and blogging post. And possibly taken a bit too far. But I am serious about the offer. Seriously.

Cbus band Wake Up Powerful Magnet! music in the Gilly Hicks video

It's nice to have a world-wide fashion conglomerate here in Columbus. Heck, we have two in Limited Brands and Abrecrombie & Fitch. It's especially nice when they buy local. Well, Abercrombie & Fitch's new venture Gilly Hicks did just that in their initial video campaign / skin flick. The music in the video is "Ride" by self described indie / alternate / surf band Wake Up Powerful Magnet! Way to go A&F. And congrats to WUPM.

Free sample contracts, agreements and corporate documents

Just wanted to let you know that I've created a new site called 270 Legal. Yea, I know. Just building the 270 brand. : ) 270 Legal points to publicly available contracts, agreements and other corporate documents found on the SEC's website. There's a wealth of information located there. However, finding them is not easy. Unless you subscribe to a proprietary database, such as Lexis-Nexis. I've used the SEC's website to find documents in the past. But organizing the ones I found became burdensome. Enter 270 Legal. Now, if I need to view a sample agreement, all I've got to do now is go to my site. Check it out if you're so inclined. I've got links to over 50 documents so far. With more on the way.

Marquis Jet (fleet by NetJets) on Entourage

Anyone catch the latest episode of Entourage? Vinny and the boys were caught scrambling to find a way to Cannes after their flight from LAX was canceled. Enter some well placed friends and Marquis Jet. If you don't know, Marquis Jet offers customers with private jet travel by selling flight time in 25 hour chunks. The Marquis website says you get all this access with a simple payment for 25 hours of time. Of course, the simple payment is a mortgage to most. Ah, the jet set life. So what does this have to do with Columbus? Well, Marquis is able to do what it does because of Columbus based NetJets. Which operates the flights for Marquis using NetJets' fleet. It's certainly nice to see a Columbus based business make it big. So big in fact that former customer Warren Buffet bought the company. You know Warren, he's like only the third richest man on the planet. And it's certainly nice to see a Columbus based business get some sweet pub from the entertainment set. Well, at least in a round-about way. It would have been nice if there was a NetJets mention on Entourage. But, I guess you'll take what you can get. By the way, if there's any Marquis Jet Card owners out there with dead head space flying out of CMH, let me know. I'd love to hop on board. ; ) Yeah yeah, yeah yeah.

Ricart shows American Apparel the deal

Back page news!  Ricart supplants soft core pornish American Apparel from the back page of Alive!

Back up, back up!  There was soft core porn on Alive!  And I missed it.  No, there wasn't really.  I'm just trying to be witty.  But think about it.  The American Apparel ads that appeard on the back of Alive!, for what seems like forever, were indeed soft core porn in the guise of advertising.  Don't believe me, check-out what the copyranter has to say about AA. Anyways, this week's issue of Alive! has replaced the nubile young girls in seductive poses (okay, porn writing is not my game) with ... Fred and Lynne Ricart.  Okay Columbus, your cold shower just arrived. By the way, there's no AA ad at all in Alive! this week.  I wonder if the Dispatch, Alive!'s owner, got many complaints about the AA ads.  You'll notice that you'll have to get The Other Paper to satisfy your strip club ad fetish. Which brings up another question.  Can an alternative weekly really be called an alternative weekly without a strip club ad? UNRELATED UPDATE:  The American Aperal blog reports about two suspicious suitcases dropped of by the AA store in Columbus.  Which turned out to be a hoax.  Also, someone stole the "m" in the AA sign.

Customized Girl

If you're looking to make or order customized clothing, why not check out Columbus, Ohio based CustomizedGirl (Aff). CustomizedGirl provides personalized clothing, and custom t-shirt designs at low prices. CG customers can add clipart and text to customize clothing. Disclosure: The "(Aff)" means that I joined their affilliate program and earn a commission from any sales that result from the link. They are the only Columbus, Ohio based company that offers an affilliate program through Commission Junction.