7In view of the recent proliferation of falls prevention

Such services (falls clinics) have now been introduced throughout the UK NHS but in the absence of any evidence about the optimum configuration pandora rings https://www.jewelleryn394a.top, they have varied in location, skill mix, assessments, and interventions offered.7In view of the recent proliferation of falls prevention services using multifactorial assessment and targeted intervention, and the substantial amount of new evidence, we re examined the evidence for the effectiveness of this strategy.MethodsWe included randomised and quasi randomised controlled trials that evaluated an intervention designed to prevent falls or fall related injuries that had the following characteristics: it carried out an assessment of multiple risk factors for falling, to identify those that were potentially modifiable; it provided treatments delivered by healthcare professionals, either directly or by onward referral, to reduce the risk of falling, on the basis of the results of the assessment; it was delivered to individuals, not at a community or population level; and it was a service based in an emergency department, primary care, or the community. Control groups could receive standard care or no fall prevention intervention. We excluded studies of interventions targeted at hospital inpatient or residential care populations and studies that did not report falls outcomes (number of fallers, recurrent fallers, fall rate, or fall related injuries).

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