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Buy Lamotrigine Without Prescription, Yesterday, I had a flippant reaction to the picture that Huffington Post chose to represent Columbus for its article spotlighting Columbus as the 17th most social media savvy city in the United States.

I still think the picture doesn't really represent Columbus, purchase Lamotrigine online no prescription, Order Lamotrigine from mexican pharmacy, but in the cross-fire was Tee Jayes Country Place. That was a pretty douchebaggy, order Lamotrigine online c.o.d, Rx free Lamotrigine, and not the New Media Douchebag variety, just plain old douchebaggy, Lamotrigine coupon, After Lamotrigine, thing to do.

Nobody really called me out on it, Lamotrigine reviews. Real brand Lamotrigine online, But I felt bad after reading some recent posts on Facebook about the place and the owners.

My friend Tim was the first to comment:

There is quite a history to that sign at the corner of north High and Morse, Buy Lamotrigine Without Prescription. It used to be Jerry's Drive-In and that sign is a landmark, Lamotrigine over the counter. Lamotrigine canada, mexico, india, I remember riding by it regularly as we were heading to our grandparents in Clintonville. I agree another picture would be a better choice but now you know some trivia if you didn't already.

Then I see Liz Lessner's post stating:
Huge congratulations to two of my favorite Columbusites and friends, discount Lamotrigine, Online buying Lamotrigine, Dayna Sokol Sandsten and Randy Sokol on the 40th Anniversary today of their restaurants and Columbus institutions, Tee-Jaye's Country Place, online buying Lamotrigine hcl. What is Lamotrigine, What would we do without that amazing sign on High at Morse?

So I guess Tee Jays is a Columbus institution. Buy Lamotrigine Without Prescription, They are celebrating their 40th Anniversary. Today, buy generic Lamotrigine. Lamotrigine used for, They are good people doing good things for Columbus. And I was the only douchebag in Columbus to rain on their parade, doses Lamotrigine work. Is Lamotrigine addictive, Oh well. My apologies, where can i buy cheapest Lamotrigine online. Effects of Lamotrigine, It won't be the last time that I regret a flippant comment. Taking Lamotrigine. Purchase Lamotrigine for sale. Lamotrigine overnight. Purchase Lamotrigine online. Buy Lamotrigine from canada. Buy Lamotrigine no prescription. Lamotrigine from mexico. Order Lamotrigine from United States pharmacy. My Lamotrigine experience. Lamotrigine wiki. Buy Lamotrigine without prescription. Where can i buy Lamotrigine online. Lamotrigine australia, uk, us, usa. Lamotrigine street price. Lamotrigine for sale.

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  • AnnaB

    I appreciate your acknowledgement of the comments, and that the sign featured has some local history. However, I still wouldn't say it was a douchebag move. Given how many other images that could be chosen to represent Columbus – the Seurat topiary garden? a photo of the skyline? the Santa Maria? the LeVeque tower? a photo of OSU's Oval, or a famous building on campus like the Wexner Center? – it is odd that they would choose a neon sign. There is nothing wrong with the sign, it just doesn't “read” as a significant marker for a city. And it's at night, which generally doesn't make a great article photo unless it's a lit-up skyline or after-dark event.
    All of this to say, I still support your comment that it's a very poor choice of photo to represent Columbus to Huffington Post readers, most of whom might not even know the first thing about Columbus' local landmarks. No matter how significant that arrow sign, to the uninitiated it's just another strip mall sign, and there's no good way to communicate otherwise to the casual viewer.