Woot! Startup Weekend is coming to Columbus

Best kept secret in the Columbus blogosphere. Not. But now it's official. Startup Weekend will be coming to Columbus this July 18 - 20. And it will be held at the awesome TechColumbus facility. I was there last Thursday with the other local organizers. And the place is killer. Columbus should be proud to have TechColumbus, and I know that the participants will be equally impressed. To reserve your spot, please visit the Startup Weekend registration page. I've already heard from a few folks that they will be attending. Judging from the folks already registered, we've got the makings for a great Startup Weekend. As I mentioned above, I'm involved on the local level in helping to bring Startup Weekend to Columbus. I'd like to take the time to thank and acknowledge the others that are working to make this one of the best Startup Weekends yet. First and foremost, there is Mr. Rockson, Rocky VanBrimmer. Rocky was actually the person responsible for getting Columbus on the City Vote page. He got the vote up to the 30's when an unfortunate technical glitch dropped us back down to zero. After our vote was reset, I came in at vote number 10 and blogged about it here and made a mention in Columbus Underground. We got some votes and pushed Columbus to the third spot. But what really pushed us over the top, was Rocky's relentless campaigning with his AMAZING list of contacts. Notably, he tapped The Central Ohio Network, a LinkedIn group managed by Rocky. Then there's The Columbus Beer Wench, Ashley Routson. For a person whose just starting her career, Ashley is incredibly connected and has amazing energy. Look for her to play "emcee" at the Startup Weekend and to also recommend you a beer. But also look for her profile on the Columbus scene to skyrocket. Also part of the team is WOSU Station Manager Tim Eby. Tim sees a lot of potential with Startup Weekend in Columbus, especially with the community that it can build/strengthen. In fact, Tim is very interested in the social aspect of new media and what it can do for Columbus. In Tim's LinkedIn profile, he states "I'm very enthusiastic about how social media/software and Public Radio/TV/Media can play a role in making our community, region, nation and world a better place." Representing TechColumbus is Startup Specialist Chris Anderson. Chris is simply awesome. He was able to secure the facilities of TechColumbus for Startup Weekend. And he is simply enthusiastic about helping start ups succeed in Columbus, as is all of the TechColumbus people that I have met. Jamie Chabra from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce is also involved. Now that we've secured the location, Jamie will help to spread the word and bring local sponsorship. We are lucky to have the backing of the Chamber in this event. All of us in the group are now working to bring in sponsorship and to plan the events of the day. So if you know of anyone interested in being a sponsor to this important event, please contact me at the270@gmail.com or call me at 614-602-4665.
  • Rocky

    I do not think I could have said it better myself!!! Now we need to get an album up somewhere to post some pics!

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  • Jason Blanton

    This is going to be great. I'm looking forward to the experience and networking more than anything.

  • wyliemac

    I agree. It's already been a wonderful experience for me, and I'm excited to share in the experience. There's going to be some great people at the event.