How to change the battery in a VW Key FOB

[For those just looking for the information, scroll down to see how to change it. The first few paragraphs are just introductory ramblings.] The last time I took my 2002 Volkswagen Passat to the dealer, one of the things I had them do was replace the battery in the key fob (the remote entry and alarm device). It cost me close to $50 to replace. When I asked the service guy what the deal was, he said that they had to reprogram it, and that's what the fee was for. Obviously I though it was BS, but I let it go. However, the next time I needed the battery replaced I vowed that I would do it myself. [And by the way, I won't name the dealer that charged me the $50, but I do live in Dublin.] Thankfully, the internet provides great DYI advice. The only problem was that there was no pictures associated with the advice I found. Hence this post. But first, the usual disclaimers. This worked for me. If it doesn't work for you, then you might have a different issue. I'm not a mechanic, nor do I claim to be one. And the advice is provided "AS IS". Okay, on with the show.
Battery Needed
Obviously you'll need a replacement battery. I picked mine up at Walgreens for $3.99. You'll need a 3 Volt "CR 2032", which is a tad bit smaller than a Nickel.

How to Open the Volkswagen Key FOB

Here's a picture of the key with the key blade folded in. You'll need to flick the key out to do the job. VW Key Fob 1 Once it's flicked open, look for a slot in which you can fit a flat head screwdriver in. My chubby finger is pointing to the slot. VW Key Fob 2 Insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver in the slot and twist to pry open. VW Key Fob 3 Pull the two halves apart. VW Key Fob 4 Next pull apart the half with the buttons. You'll have to grip the sides of the two halves and gently pull. Once slightly open, I used the screwdriver to assist with prying open. You'll see the battery in one of the halves. VW Key Fob 5 After you replaced the battery, snap all the pieces back together. This saved me about $45 doing it myself. And I did not have to reprogram the key fob.
  • Integra_mike

    I was struggling soo long with this people said I had to go to the dealer but it worked just fine thanx

  • Jay Vee

    Put key in door turn to right door will open then click the lock button it should reprogram itself