Top blog designer goes to OSU

Some people make a living from blogging. I don't. I just don't get enough traffic to generate ad income like I would like. But I can dream. For inspiration, and proof that it can be done, I frequently visit the wildly popular A few months ago ProBlogger underwent a redesign. It was not until today that I decided to visit the website of the designer that did the redesign. And that would be Ben Bleikamp. It turns out that Ben is an OSU student. That's pretty good. Local kid goes global. If you don't know, the ProBlogger author is from Australia. Keep an eye out for this guy. I'm certain that big things will come from him. He's already considered one of the top web designers today. The only flaw that I can see from him is that he hates Michigan. Oh well, I'm still a fan of Ben's work.