Nelsonville Historical Train Ride

If you are inside the 270 and want something to do that is a bit (but not much) outside the 270 with your kids, take 33 on down to Nelsonville, Ohio. Right behind the Rocky Boot Outlet store you will see a set of train tracks and a historical train station. The train leaves at noon and at 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays from April through November. Adults are $10.00 apiece. Kids under three are free. There are two types of car to ride in and on. There are three open air cars (with a metal roof) that afford the greatest visibility and fun for the kids. The second are more traditional enclosed passenger train cars which are still neat if there is any kind of weather threatening. Warning though, there are no bathrooms on the train, so get your business done before it leaves. First, you head northwest towards Logan, Ohio. The train goes anywhere from 10 mph to 25 mph. The track is a bit uneven, so you get a lot of sway, but it adds to the ambience and fun for the kids, and I didn’t see the motion bothering anyone. The train then stops and the engine gets turned around and hooked back up. You then travel southeast again, past the original boarding point a few miles and to a little historical village of log cabins manned by persons in settler’s dress and making traditional products like carvings and spinning wool into yarn. The train then backs up to the original station. The whole experience takes about an hour and 45 minutes, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Here are two pictures taken from my cell phone during the ride: Nelsonville Historical Train Ride Nelsonville Historical Train Ride